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How can hidden forced labor affect your business?

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Your company may be associated with human trafficking for forced labour in the following ways:

Through subcontractors

Extensive use of subcontractors may contribute to the creation of non-transparency in working conditions and may increase the risk of subcontractors using illegal or undeclared labour or, at worst case, forced labourers.


Employment through temporary staffing agencies may create a lack of clarity with respect to working and contract conditions. In direct employment, there may be a risk of identity theft, violation of rules and acces of unauthorised individuals to the company, which means that the work is actually being carried out by someone other than the employee and often under worse conditions.

Abuse of the company's products or services

This may involve cases where human traffickers use a particular travel agency, hotel or airline, which is then associated with a critical case.

Risks and negative consequences of being associated with human trafficking for forced labour can be:

Violations of the law

This includes the risk of charges resulting in a prison sentence and/or fines.

Poor reputation and damage to company image

Even if the company is not directly involved, it may prove detrimental to be associated with charges of human trafficking for forced labour. This may lead to a loss of customers and declining sales and revenue. A damaged company image may be difficult to restore and might require a lot of resources.

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Benefits for the company of managing the risk of forced labour: 

Requirements from customers and business contacts

Several public and private companies have formulated clear policies on responsible corporate conduct in accordance with the UN guidelines on human rights and business and therefore have strict requirements which must be fulfilled by your company as a supplier or business partner.

Strengthened CSR (corporate social responsibility) profile

It contributes to strengthening the company's reputation.

Enhanced company image

It may contribute to strengthen the company's image internally among the employees and externally among customers and business contacts.

Fighting unfair competition

It contributes to combat unfair competition, for example in relation to companies which benefit from unreasonably low wages and doubtful working conditions for their employees.

Many of our large customers who work seriously with CSR make demands and will secure that the hotel meets their CSR rules as a supplier. They make demands to us about the environment and that we treat employees with respect. They simply demand that we are a CSR-related responsible company and we are obligated  to ensure that we are.

HR manger, Danish hotel chain

There was no heat and it was very cold ... when it froze much outside, the electricity did not work ... I wanted to return to Romania but had no money. 

Romanian woman from the cleaning industry