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Critical working conditions and hidden forced labor especially in connection with the use of subcontractors may occur within practically
all business sectors

In Denmark and other Western European countries, examples of forced labour have been seen especially in cleaning, agriculture and
horticulture, construction
, distribution and in the gastronomy sector.

Experience shows that the risk is particularly high if a company can answer "yes" to the following questions. An initial risk assessment
is therefore a good idea. Review the list below and select the questions you find true for your company.

The victims of forced labour are already under pressure and are reluctant to put themselves forward. The cases that we know of are severe. We have met employees who have been exposed to serious threats from their employer, or they have been held captive.

Trade Union Leader

For us it was hard to tell which subcontractors had people in forced labor, - there were many subcontractors who have fine and decent working conditions, but there are also some who do not have that.

Director of larger cleaning company

last modified Sep 18, 2015