General precautions

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General precautions - reduce risk and show responsible corporate behavior

Below you will find checklist A of initiatives which may reduce the risk of hidden forced labour.

The checklist is intended as recommendations and should be used as inspiration for possible actions your company can take, if you find
them relevant. Similarly, the extent to which the individual points can and should be implemented depends on the size of the company
and the business sector in which it operates.

For example, medium-sized and large companies may benefit from preparing a strategy against forced labour as part of their policy on
responsible corporate conduct, while this may be less relevant for small companies. It is up to the individual company to assess which
points are most relevant to obtain the best protection

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Is the company aware of human trafficking for forced labour and the applicable legislation?

list image Has the company composed guidelines against human trafficking and hidden forced labour?
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Has the company considered including the points below in the company’s general guidelines?

  • An obligation to combat forced labour in the company both in direct employments and when using subcontractors
  • Procedures for action and consequence in case of signs of forced labour
  • Guarantee that the employees have freedom of movement and are free to enter into and terminate employment
  • Regular risk assessment and monitoring of working conditions among employees and at subcontractors
  • Clear procedures for follow-up, including regular random checks of working conditions and subcontractors
list image Are the company’s guidelines on prevention of forced labour and status within this area included in the company’s annual report/status report?
list image Is the company aware of groups of workers/temporary staff that are most likely to be exploited and the circumstances that make these workers/temporary staff most vulnerable to exploitation?
list image Does the company collaborate with authorities, trade associations and trade unions on identifying and reporting possible cases of human trafficking for forced labour?
listimage Has the company notified partners in the supply chain of the risk of human trafficking for forced labour?

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Do the company’s middle managers talk to the workers regularly and informally to hear about their working conditions and potentiel critical conditions?

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The government's 'Action plan'

The government's 'Action plan for corporate social responsibility 2012-2015' encourages all Danish companies to display responsible corporate conduct by following internationally recognised guidelines such as the UN guidelines on human rights and  business and the UN Global Compact. Especially the following general principles are identified as important for the prevention of hidden forced labour

General principles important for the prevention of hidden forced labour
Human rights

  1. Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and
  2.  Make sure that they do not contribute to human rights abuses.

Labour rights

  1. Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and effectively recognize the right to collective bargaining 
  2. support the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour 
  3. support the effective abolition of child labour, and 
  4. Eliminate discrimination in working conditions and work contracts.